Society: Our Foe

Challenging something as foundational as the society can make a few people’s skin crawl, because after all, the very identity of who you are, who you were, or where you’re going is tied and locked into our society.

So acts and ideas that arrive out of concepts like nation states and countries, things like war, economic oppression or literal physical oppression over people come out of this illusion we have created, the illusion of society. Although the illusion gets even more drastic when you get into things like currency, economics, and the things our entire lives are based upon, you go to work, school, you’ve to feed yourself, all of these drives economic progress. The money would get us profit was the motivation we chose to use to gain the innovation of the technologies. So it was all a simple imaginary concept we innovated at one point in the bronze age to symbolize labor and production. This is the central reason why economics isn’t science because it’s not real, we made it up.

There is also an over-arching law which influences all of the reality, and for that, you don’t need an atom-smasher or extremely advanced mathematical methodologies to discern. It is self-clear in our own experience. As we go back in time, the universe is found to be a simpler place. If we go back a long way in time, the universe is a very simple place: there are no cultures, there are no animals, there are no plants, indeed, if we go far enough back in time, there are no stars and planets; the universe is simply a swarming ocean of energy. But as we approach the present, it’s as though the universe has undergone a series of developments out of itself of higher and more advanced forms of organization, and this is what I would call “novelty”.

And there is a counteracting force named “habit”. So the way the things work, our way of life, the politics of this city, history of civilization, all of it is a struggle between novelty & habit. Habit is an intuitively graspable concept. It means conservatism, recidivism, looking at things the conventional way, not taking risks; and these things are not moral values—sometimes the appropriate move is habitual, occasionally the right move is novel. But, the universe, as a system, is what I describe a novelty conserving engine. In different words, where novelty is produced, it tends to be tenaciously hung onto. It can’t forever be hung onto, but it is hung onto.

Now, if reaching into Nature and opening your eyes doesn’t deliver this to you, I would perhaps suggest around 150-200 micro-grams of LSD or a few milligrams of psilocybin. But there’s the catch. Quite a number of people question me, “Why should that be needed?”, why should one have to resort to an ‘artificial perturbation of senses’ to bring about the change? Simply because Culture mitigates against it. Culture is a closed system of thinking and values of the sort I am denouncing. Why should Culture imprison us? Why should it place a barrier between ourselves and our true humanness? Culture & Ideology are not our friends. This is a hard thing to come to terms with because a certain kind of isolation lies at the end of this thought process. But, on the other hand, you can’t be clueless forever. Somebody might as well just lay it out for you, and say: culture is for the convenience of culture, not you. How many times have your sexual desires, career aspirations, financial dealings and artistic inclinations been squashed, twisted, rejected, and minimized by cultural implications?

It is, in fact, remarkably enough, a kind of virtual reality. We have been led to think of virtual realities as something on the screen of a digital computer, or presented through a headset, but that’s an electronic virtual reality. The primary technology for the building of virtual realities is language. Once you start talking about race pride, loyalty, our destiny, our God, our mission, it’s like building virtual realities, and individuals start to treat these things as though they had the substantiality of real objects and to build their lives, as though these things were real. And what is this? It’s a diminution of humankind. You’re choosing to limit yourself to a cultural reality, whether it’s the reality of being religious or orthodoxical, or, whatever it is, it’s a smaller world than the simple hardware you were born into this universe with.

Well, why is that? It’s because cultures are virtual realities made of language, and if there is one thing psychedelics do – whether you hate ‘em or love ‘em, whether you don’t give a hoot, what they do is they dissolve boundaries, the boundaries between you and the stage, between you and your buddy, between you and you last week, and you and you next week. And that is the ultimate subversive behavior. Cultures are boundary-defining engines. That’s what they do! They teach you: “We do it this way. DON’T GO THERE in your mind, in your heart. Follow the rules. Follow the rules.” Cultures are like operating systems. They set up a stele in the center of the forum, and on the stele, they carve the laws. These are the laws of the operating systems. And is it limiting? Is it idiotic? Is it a pain in the rear end? You bet it is!

Every culture in history at every time and place has operated from the supposition that it had it 95% correct and that the other 5% would arrive in a couple of years’ time. All were wrong! All were wrong, and we gaze back at their naiveté with a vague sense of our own supremacy. But we are wrong. We don’t have it either. I mean, if this is a culture approaching the truth, who needs the truth? This is something very, very different.

So, if there’s a message here, rather than just a rant, I think it would be to return to Nature. Observe. Open your eyes. Get smart. Culture is not your friend. Religion is not your friend. The values of these cultures are poisonous, and if we don’t bend the direction of human society into a fresh way of doing things, we’re just taking a path that is already programmed for us. Nature is unforgiving. Intelligence is a magnificent experiment, but if it does not serve novelty and diversity, and the production of love and caring, who needs it? Who needs it? Better to have a universe that glorifies God through its diversity than a universe which is the exaggeration of a diabolical intent.

So if society is an illusion, let’s create a hallucination that’s worth dreaming about.


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