Why Psychedelics?

Most of the world is on autopilot, every day being the repeat of the last, living the same fucking life over and over. The majority of the world is being brainwashed into thinking they are helpless on making any change. Most of us have forgotten the fundamental nature of reality, reality is subjective, meaning everyone has their own personal choice, which perspective they want to view his or her reality from. There are two powerful perspectives, one being, we are limited, and the other, we are limitless.

Now, psychedelics, they are illegal, because they have the ability to wake you up to your power thereby changing the way you think. The one thing you realize is that this world is an illusion. Even Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”.

But the problem with determinism is that it says everything cannot happen any other way except the way it is happening. Now, the problem is that it makes the concept of thinking irrelevant because you’re thinking what you’re thinking because you couldn’t think anything else.
Thus, the notion of truth or judgment or all in all sort is completely shot down, so the totally determined universe is the most ultimately uninteresting subject that there can be.

The life we’re living now is corrupted by orthodoxical factors, and they, are completely out of shape by all means. Moreover, what they do to us, is, put an end to all our options, they squash our imagination and suppress it. The only way to get through all this horse-shit is through emancipation.

As Terence McKenna once said, “We are locked inside a nightmare of contaminated toxic imagery that is designed to dis-empower you and make it impossible for you to think straight.”
Psychedelics dissolve the boundaries between people, classes, sexual orientations, rich and poor, man and woman, intellectual and the ignorant. If this can happen, we will make a new world.

Everybody wishes for something materialistic, like property or money, or for stability in the future life. But the message of life, which almost everyone would know, is that nothing lasts forever. Your friends, family, money, enemies, not even yourself. Our mind is brimming with an ego that cannot digest the fact that nothing lasts. So, it puts us in a state where we are anxious about death, we’re terrorized by illness, we’re always in need for some power to make us feel secure. Now, what these psychedelics do is that it puts you in a contemporary state. They empower experience. It gives you an immediate feeling of existence.
They are the stimulant for our imagination. There are times when psychedelics frighten you, but if it does; then, it must have catalyzed your imagination or you wouldn’t have known that terror. But if people don’t want to face all kinds of experience, this isn’t meant for them. The reality is for people who cannot handle this stuff!
The magical dimension is present. We just cannot see it. It isn’t cognitive or psychological. It’s as real as everything else. The only difference is it cannot be understood. Maybe it isn’t supposed to be understood. The universe is so vast that it always remains a receding mystery. The reality is a mystery and “Reality outruns apprehension.” It’s because apprehension is the functioning of our mind, and you cannot measure the depth of the universal mystery with the neural network of a primate. So, folks, our role is not to understand, but rather to appreciate.

So, forget all the ideologies. THEY BETRAY. THEY LIMIT. THEY LEAD ASTRAY. You have to trust yourself and go with the raw data. Always opt for the direct experience. We cannot be sure of anything else as they are unconfirmed or useless. We have to liberate ourselves from the illusion of culture. Yes, a lot of people are going be anxious about it because they are under the culturally inflicted abuse and they do not want to embrace the unimaginable. We are the last people. There lies nothing but mystery beyond us if we have but the courage to move forward into that abyss. If we believe that nature would reward the dreamer; then, we can complete that Irish toast that which says, “May you be alive at the end of the world.”


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