Society: Our Foe

Challenging something as foundational as the society can make a few people’s skin crawl, because after all, the very identity of who you are, who you were, or where you’re going is tied and locked into our society. So acts and ideas that arrive out of concepts like nation states and countries, things like war, […]

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The Untouched Truth of Illusion

The reality and the Universe are two separate things contained within one another. The universe, as defined, is made up of space and time, and reality is composed of the logical laws that govern these things. One such law of reality is that paradoxes do not exist. The paradox is something that is based off […]

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Why Psychedelics?

Most of the world is on autopilot, every day being the repeat of the last, living the same fucking life over and over. The majority of the world is being brainwashed into thinking they are helpless on making any change. Most of us have forgotten the fundamental nature of reality, reality is subjective, meaning everyone […]

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